Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Girl 7 Months

Amid all the chaos and fun The Babe is officially 7 months old.
It has been a busy month. She has 4 teeth and another one trying to break through. She is eating solid food. She likes cereal and fruit of course, the orange veg such as sweet potatoes, squash and carrots, but definitely did not like green beans or the weird meaty stuff I tried to give her. She spit that right up. I don't blame her. It was gross. (the health nurse suggested we try some proteins early on)

And I think I may have mentioned that she was sleeping better...I can't remember because it was so short lived and I don't remember anything due to my continual sleep deprivation. I blame the teeth. She is napping so much better during the day (not just a cat-napper anymore) but she usually wakes up several times a night. I don't have the heart or the energy to let her cry it out. But that day may come!

She is on the move now. Not exactly crawling, but scootching. Mostly backwards. If you don't keep an eye on her she will disappear under the couch.
And her arms seem to have grown oddly long, as they reach out and grab things out of nowhere. Fast. Grabby little baby hands getting stuff you didn't think she could get.

She is still a little ray of sunshine most of the time. She is smiley and happy and loves to be
tickled and talked to.

Did I mention I love this age? If I could I'd keep her this way for just a while longer. Kind of like Maggie Simpson. Sweet and cuddly without any tantrums or backtalk. And chubby little cheeks you can chew on for days.
Absolutely scrumptious!


Anonymous said...

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Ms. Mamma said...

She is just beautiful! SF had Union Jack babylegs...I miss them! Hope you had a nice holiday and a peaceful New Year's Eve. ;)

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Wow the baby is so beautiful and loving. It was so nice to talk today.