Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Things The Bee has tried or successfully 'snuck' downstairs:
(these two go together as he has figured out that anything deemed as 'boken' can be fixed with a screwdriver and batteries)

utility knife (can't open by himself thankfully)

peppermint extract
maple extract
(which he emptied on the carpet...and while not the worst smell in the world, mixed with spotshot mingles to form a weird medicinal/soapy/cookie smell that is not appealing. and made a very dark stain)

and today....a spaghetti squash...go figure

It seems the pantry is his current 'go-to' place.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Which is why our pantry is locked...remember the Thyme incident?
"Batteries out?!" That's the quote of the day often here as he's trying to pry the back off the remote.
The maple cleaner smell...ugh. Do you have a carpet cleaner?
Oh the work these little creatures cause us!