Sunday, December 16, 2007

34 Months

It feels like the past month has gone by quite quickly. I guess that's what happens when you're life is a bit of a blur...
We've been having fun lately getting ready for Christmas. Helping Daddy put up lights, listening to music, decorating and getting together with friends.

The Bee loves to sing more than ever and Jingle Bells seems to be one of his favorites. I think because it's easy. We heard him down in his room the other day singing away, jingle bells, jingle bells. So cute.He's also a pretty talented athlete. The boys have a little hockey set and The Bee is good at hitting balls and pucks with his stick. He's also a somewhat prone to just swinging his stick at whatever happens to be around. The first rule of hockey is that you don't hit your brother with your stick. Or anyone else.

The Bug likes to get into small spaces and hide. He'll push the hockey nets together and 'hide' in between them. As much as you can hide in a net. He also likes to hide in our little coffee table box. He takes his blanket and his cars and curls up. But then The Bee closes the lid on him and he gets stuck inside. The first rule of hiding in small places, is don't lock your brother inside.

Both boys jabber on a lot, but The Bee still chatters on more so. He seems to have problems with 'r's and he will often omit them completely from a word.
He loves to watch the 'G*inch', eat 'g*apes' and 't*eats', he likes the 'Ch*istmas T*ee' and G*amma and G*ampa'.

Last night we were putting decorations on the tree. I had put up some of the more breakable ones higher up, but we had a bunch of beaded kid friendly ones for the boys. The had such a good time putting them on the tree I wish I had more.
The Bug was especially good at it and put them on very carefully, mostly on the same two branches. He is very meticulous that one. He's a little OCD like his father. Yikes.
To illustrate, I got them both a jingle bell on a string. The Bee happily put his around his neck. The Bug put his on the tree. The Bee kept taking it off the tree which made The Bug terribly upset. He had to go and carefully put it back each time (and repeat). It's hard to have a brother sometimes!


Go Cards said...

Months...I can't even keep track of what day it is! Love the pics and your boys!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

When you look back & stop for a moment, hasn't it gone so fast? Your wee babes all pre-schoolerish now. *Sigh* Unless of course it's the middle of a tantrum & the house is in hurricane mode...then it's "slow as molasses in June"! :)