Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Girl Stats

One of the events this weekend was shots for the baby girl. 4 stabs in total (including a flu shot) OUCH! Not happy.
The boys also got a flu shot and for the first time they seemed to remember that the little clinic room was not a happy place. They tried to escape. Not happy.

Regardless we got it done and the worst was over pretty quickly. And I had my flu shot last time. I sure hope this helps!

Now, I told you I thought Baby Girl was tall. At 27inches she is in the 90%. And with her weight combined (15.6lbs) she is in the 10%. So even with her yummy chubby thighs she is considered tall and thin-ish.
We've started on cereal which is going quite well and there are plans for veg and meats in the very near future. Yum! (ok, it looks gross, but whatever)

AND...she has another tooth through. It seems that all the crankiness and fussing was for a reason. I feel bad when I only realize this after the fact. Top right side poking through.

AND now that it is through (the tooth) and she is over her cold...SHE SLEEPS!!
Not always right through the night, but longer. And more often. And when she is cranky and fussy I put her in her bed AND SHE FALLS ASLEEP. Often.
Do I need to explain how exciting this is?
I think you get my drift...!!

p.s. trying out new photoshop actions on photos...much to learn...these ones are vintage...supposed to look old!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Really like the tones (and smiles) in the last photo.
She's growing so quickly. The teeth are amazing. And the sleep?! Even better. Wuhoo for you!!

Carla said...

Shots, teeth cold, lack of sleep, sounds like fun times in mommy land! :-) I hear you loud and clear my baby - wait I guess she is a toddler now! is working on a couple more teeth at the top, and just got over a wicked cold, so ya I am walking around in a bit of a daze from sleep deprivation as well. :-p oh well, all part of the package.

Go Cards said...

love the pictures

Peace Sweet Peas said...

oh she is so marvelous...