Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well Halloween was a complete success, even though there was some throwing up and a lot of laying on the couch for the 24 hours prior (2 kids out of 3).
Decorations were made and put up, pumpkins were carved, costumes were worn (almost without any protest on the little witch), playschool parties were attended, fun was had with Grandma and Grandpa, candy was collected, cuteness was rampant. Whew! Fun!

AND, the kids had their fill of treats last night, picked a handful of their favorites to eat later and the rest was left to the Candy Man who cleaned up the leftover candy in exchange for some play fun. And new toothbrushes. I think we have a new tradition. Much better than the whining and constant requests for more candy, candy, candy.

And today The Bee announced that production of Christmas decorations will start immediately...



YoJo said...

I already loved your kids, but..Bumblebee and Optimus Prime??!! Woot, woot! ..And I never thought I'd put this combination of words together, but..that is one precious little witch. ;) Well done, Mama.

mc said...

Your little witch looks beautiful! Funny my two kids were also Bumblebee and Optimus Prime!

Mrs. M said...

Gorgeous! It's really fun isn't it? I think Halloween is a favorite of mine. And your Candy Man tradition? Brilliant!! I think I may take that on, even though "candy" is very limited & sneaky here.
Love the pic of the three of them on the step...ready to roll. Great costumes...W will be so jealous of the boys...He's become a self imposed know it all about Transformers...even though we have none! Hilarious.