Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Girl 30 Months

Aaaah, my Babe. She's a complex, ever-changing wonder of a girl. In a lot of ways she's like a bad roomate. She gets into my stuff and tries on my clothes without asking. She rarely puts things away. There are always crumbs under her chair. She complains loudly when things don't go her way and is known to get a bit loopy and dance around until she gets dizzy. She is occasionally called 'quiet' and 'demure' but only by people who've just met her. Or you may get a poke with a tiny but firm little finger or get a sassy 'no' or 'mine' just for good measure.
Her opinions/temper tantrums continue to grow in magnitude. I'm sure she doesn't mean to be difficult, just why can't we see things her way. All the time.

The brilliant thing about being two, is that you still win people over wherever you go. With a charming smile and a contagious giggle face it's easy to forgive the occasional disruption *ahem* or difference of opinion. (ie. I prefer her pants on, she prefers them off)
One of the things I love most is that along with the anger and frustration and sadness at times, there is still plenty of happy joy sunshine girl too. She likes to be funny and entertain us. Smart and silly. Loud and boisterous.
And it's not a bad thing to acknowledge your strengths...'I coot'.
Yes indeed!


Mrs. M said...

"I coot" ! Love it!! And that my girl is what gets our two yr olds to the next stage of life...being "coot".
Love the little ponies and rolling down the hill.
We're temperish here too. Lay on the floor and sob madly/loudly temperish.
Ahhh...the sweet twos.

Shishi said...

My oh my does she ever look like her mom in these pictures. Lucky girl!

Daisy Patch said...

Love, love her little ponies.So cute.I'm holding out that maybe G and E will have hair again so I can put cute things in.