Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Project Fun, part 1

Inspiration - Tim Burton
Challenge - create outfits for 6 kids under 6 and then have a fun photo shoot (where children must be bribed to wear outfits).

I started feeling all Tim Burton-y around the end of August. Mr. Burton fits my concept of Halloween perfectly. Of course you can't go wrong with Mr. Depp, but I have a particular appreciation for his animation.

And Mrs. Sweetpeas is always up for a creative challenge. So we hunted and scoured our favorite haunts for stripes and polka dots and bits and pieces and odds and ends to put together. And it was so. much. fun.

And in the end it didn't even matter that they had to be mostly bribed. Who doesn't like a good lollipop? Par for the under six set.

I've been playing around with the images. Trying to figure out what they wanted to be. They're evolving...

(and when I say 'inspired by' I mean 'loosely based'...very loosely)


Mrs. M said...

Very dark & fun! Love them all...especially Miss E stmaping her feet and clapping? Hilarious!
You mommas are awesome to take on such an undertaking! Love the creativity.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

These are making me very happy!mmBig Smiles on my face. Can't wait to show everybody.