Friday, November 06, 2009

Baby Girl 29 Months

It turns out I didn't take many candid shots in October. Oh well. I guess I wasn't motivated by the snow.
Our Babe continues to be Ms. Sassy Pants with a strong independent will and an adventurous mind of her own. I have to admire it, even though I don't always enjoy it!

She can be so single minded in that way that only two year olds can be. Or maybe 3 yr olds too. And oh the sadness (temper) that can ensue when life is so unfair as to not go your way! Luckily she also has a sweet soft side. And if you're lucky enough you get to see that too.

I think it's interesting that this little one is not a big cuddler. The Bee is a huge cuddle bug but The Bug is certainly not.
She wanted a few more hugs when she was sick, I often tell her not to hug me, in order to get one!

All 3 kids recently had a bout with a stomach flu. They would throw up over and over for a few hours until their poor tummies were exhausted. And they all handled it completely differently. It speaks volumes about their personalities! I know it's kind of gross, but it's a good illustration.

The Bug got himself to the bathroom every single time. He barely asked for any help (I just had to follow him and keep him company). He didn't complain at all. Or say much of anything really.

The Bee wailed and moaned the whole time. And screamed. He wanted me to sit with him the whole time and hold the bucket.

The Babe didn't totally understand what her body was doing to her. She was mostly disgusted and then she got mad. She didn't want that crappy bucket and towards the end she was trying to stop herself from throwing up anymore. She'd had enough and she just wanted to go to bed.

And that is my girl. Even the flu isn't going to tell her what to do!


Daisy Patch said...

Isn't it amazing how different they can be."Monkey" and "pumpkin" are complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of personality and interests.Its fascinating.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Even the flu isn't going to tell her what to do..... now that is saying something.

Mrs. M said...

Gorgeous. Love the floral headband! I should whip one up for my soon to be bald head!:)
Her tenacity will bring great things to her life one day...and more grey hair to yours!:)
We use reverse psychology for hugs all the time. It's about the only way to get a hug out of W...Bup on the otherhand, he's our hugger & "I wuv you too" guy...totally out of the blue too.

tenniez.kresge1230 said...