Monday, July 13, 2009

Alice and Steve

Since the Lost Boy incident we've been working on 'what's your name?' around here. The boys are pretty good with their first names but still a bit sketchy on the last name.

Bug: my name is Alice
Me: what's your name?
Bug: Alice
Me: oh you mean (insert last name that I won't use here but yes, it sounds a lot like Alice)
Bug: yeah!
Me: yes, that's your last name.

And then we go through the list of everyone in the family...this can include Nana and Papa and any cousins...

Me: what is Bee's last name?
Bug: Smith (let's pretend it's Smith even though it doesn't sounds like Alice one bit)
Me: Babes last name?
Bug: Smith
Me: Mommy's last name?
Bug: Smith
Me: Daddy's last name?
Bug: Steve


Shishi said...

Can't stop laughing!!!!

Proud Granny said...

Steve?? Where did that come from? He cracks me up!!

Mrs. M said...

Oh so FUNNY!!

Jamie said...

Ha ha ha - that's cute.

Mrs. M said...

oKAY, I know I commented already but B & I are still laughing about this. He thinks Sir Bug Fearless & Brave sounds like a 14yr old.
"Hey Steve...I'm taking the car man.
"Alice...what's for dinner?"
lol...still laughing.