Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

I've been trying to get the kids to recognize the Canadian flag. For a while they called it the Calgaly Flame. But I think they're getting the hang of it. So today we braved the crowds and hit the park. We saw the mayor and new citizens being sworn in. We sang O Canada twice (the first time had way too many French words). We heard drums and saw colorful dancers, chatted up some new friends who shared their popcorn. We saw ducks and ate ice cream and listened to great music. And then we played in the water.
The kids kept asking when they were going to see Canada. They're a bit vague on the concept of 'country' but they are perfectly clear on the fabulous birthday party.
We really enjoyed ourselves and the whole celebration. Happy 142 Canada!!! We are so proud!

p.s. as always the people watching is at it's finest, second only to the Stampede...check out the little dude beside The Bee at the wading pool...too funny!

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Jamie said...

That looks fun - I kinda wanted to check out the festivities, but I didn't dare. Your kids are so cute!