Monday, July 06, 2009

Baby Girl 25 Months

The theme of this past month is 'I DO IT'. Or rather the soundtrack. She often says it in a sing-song kind of way that sounds more like, 'aaaaaahhh doo it'! And don't be getting in her way. She also seems to be talking up a storm lately. She can repeat almost anything or odd things randomly. She also likes to chatter away at whoever she can see. Hi mum. Hi dad. Hi mum. Hi dad...and on and on...
She's very good at identifying sounds and keeps track of what's going on around her. Geck crying. Airpane. Sadie hurt. Soother! Soother!
She loves her daddy and her brothers. I'm ok unless someone more interesting is around (anyone). And yet she's a bit clingy too. She loves to run and hide. She gives the very best hugs with her little arms wrapped around your neck (best feeling ever). She loves to eat (still mooching). And she even likes me to put her hair in ponytails occasionaly. She's busier than ever, a little bit crazy and the sweetest baby girl in the world.

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