Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calaway Park

Or The Cowboy Park as The Bee calls it (??!).
Either way it was a lot of fun. It was our first time at the park, thanks to Auntie ShiShi (and her workplace). Thanks!
We had a blast. Babes was super grumpy but I think she had some fun. It's so annoying when people are always trying to tell her what to do!
The Bee was scared at first but got the hang of things pretty quickly. Then he managed to enjoy himself.
The Bug was quite entertained all around. He liked the exciting rides and spent a lot of time looking at the machines to try to figure out what was making them go.

Our picture from inside the Berry Go Round.
We had a great day! (ok, we were pooped and home by 2, but the kids can't wait to go back)


mc said...

I've been to Calaway park many times but I've never seen it so beautiful as in your pictures!

Two Mittens said...

maybe CP needs a little Photoshop!
thanks MC