Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our cool friend R has the best birthday parties every year and this year was Superhero Training Camp. SO. FUN.
Scrumptious food, cake, waterballoons, a bouncy house, and of course a handful of 4 yr old Superhero's. Always fun (with a little trouble thrown in for good measure).
The kids had a great time. Although the Bee was so busy he forgot one important thing.
He was getting ready for bed when he realized 'I DIDN'T EAT ANY CAKE!!!'. Poor boy. It was delicious!
*we're still getting used to the idea that you buy presents for other people and then give them away...and no, none of those toys is yours to keep!!!! It's a tough concept! Although no one left empty-handed or empty-tummied.


mc said...

I've got a book recommendation for you: Superhero ABC by Bob Mcleod. Lots of fun!

Mrs. M said...

Super cool!
W is obsessed lately and will be so envious when he sees these pics.
"Spiderman is good Mom, the Black Spiderman is bad. Superman is AWESOME!"

And your superboys are AWESOME!