Friday, April 03, 2009

Some Linky Love

I have a somewhat vague notion floating around in my head that someday I will make a quilt. There's a lot of quilting in my family. When I stumbled across Kellie's work I was in awe. Have you seen more beautiful quilting??
(except perhaps a quilt handmade by a loving grandma/mother/aunt especially for you)
Enter her giveaway!
(I want to win!!)

And this really grabbed my attention this morning. Struck a nerve perhaps??!!
Extraordinary photos, but I think the description hit it home.

Julie's work investigates "the need to simultaneously escape and connect." She says "We live in a culture where we are both 'child centered' and 'self-obsessed.' The struggle between living in the moment versus escaping to another reality is intense since these two opposites strive to dominate. The expectations of family life have never been more at odds with each other. "

thanks Spring Chick

oooh, I had to add this too. Wonderful!

Happy Weekend!

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Kellie said...

Thank you fot the link! Good luck!