Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Girl 23 Months

It seems like a lot has happened in the past month. Sunshine, snow, Easter, learning how to get out of a bed.
Yeah... that last one has had the most impact. Since little miss has figured out how to get out of her crib (although not back in) mornings now consist of a bright eyed, eager little person coming into our room whenever she happens to open those baby blues. It is always before I would choose to be awake. It's incredibly sweet when she climbs up into our bed for about the first minute (or less) while she elbows and kicks and climbs on top of us. And sits on my head. While we try to kid ourselves that we can still be asleep. It become clear very quickly that sleep time is over.
As luck would have it The Bee is also usually awake, and more than happy to play/join her/partner with her in making sure that we all know the sun is up.
When she couldn't get out of bed, the boys would often go and play in her room and entertain each other so that we could pretend to sleep a few more winks. Now their show is on the move.

This has also changed nap time. For the first many days, she would simply get up and play in her room. No napping. Tired grumpy girl at dinner time. Not fun.
Although I think it was her daddy who had a stroke of genius and put down a little pillow and blanket on the floor at naptime, and now she will lie down and snooze a bit. At least on a good day!

The other great accomplishment this month is figuring out she can reach her own snacks! And who doesn't like some cereal for a nice snack? I just make sure the bran cereal is on a higher shelf...

Wow, only a few more weeks until we officially have a two year old in the house again. I have to say I look back at when she was born and I had TWO OTHER TWO YEAR OLDS ALREADY. No wonder I have grey hair. And I can't spell anymore. And I don't remember much...but we made it. Everyone is still in one piece. And so I'm sure we'll survive this time too.
And I think we might even have some fun!


Daisy Patch said...

wow,in these last set of pictures,E looks so different.So grown-up.When does that happen?Always when your not looking.*sigh*

Peace Sweet Peas said...

I knew it was coming but I thought it was still a long ways away... I can't believe little E is going to be 2. WOW. It is very shocking when you're other kids get to the age the others were when the baby was born; I remember really feeling that with Emma.

Margo said...

I second the above comments!
Sweet little E...fiery hold my own keep up with the big boys E. :)
I often think about where we were when W was this age and am shocked to think what it would be like to add an infant to the mix.
Two's gotta be easier than the first set of two's cause there's only one child at age 2 and you're a pro now that you've successfully managed it before!

Shimmy Shake said...

I recognize that fabric - did you make that dress? It looks adorable I love the waist band...too cute. And the model - adorable. Great photos!

Two Mittens said...

I think I messed up one of the comments - oops -
Shimmy Shake, I didn't make the dress but it's from Shabby Apple. I love the colors.