Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Baby Girl 22 Months

Oh my goodness this baby girl is not for the faint of heart!
And the 'terrible twos' are swirling over our heads and all around us like storm clouds a brewin'.
She is such a go-getter right now. She is getting much louder and more opinionated as time passes. I know this is part of the process, but wow. I am wondering if I ever had a calm, cooperative child or if I just imagined it all.
Not that it's all bad...

She is getting quite good at stringing a couple of words together. And it's quite fun when I ask her a question and she gives me an answer. Even something simple as 'do you want more' and she says 'yes'. I think it's quite satisfying for both of us.

She is bright and energetic and sassy. I find myself wondering how much of all this will remain as her personality and how much is simply this stage. I can see Sassy sticking around.
She is also sweet and loving. She is the first one to bring the boys a blanket or a toy if they are hurt. Or even if they're in time out. Not that they always appreciate it...

I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, and if you have spent any time with her you already know, but this child is the biggest mooch EVER. Oh she loves to eat. It's great at mealtime. She never complains and usually eats without a fuss (although not without a huge mess). But even if she still has food in one hand she always wants what someone else is having. Her favorite mooch opportunities are the other kids at playgroup and daddy's dinner plate. At least she's adventurous trying new food! (however embarrassing)

The one thing that often gets me (and saves her from being sent to live with gypsies) is just how beautiful she is. As all little kids are, at least to their parents. And it's not that I don't know she has kind of fuzzy weird hair, or she's sometimes snotty and gross. It's just the texture of her perfect baby skin, or the way her eyes light up, or the way her neck feels when you tickle her. Or how tiny she is, all little fingers and toes. You just want to breath it all in...
And then she digs her tiny little nails into your underarm and squeals with delight and runs away to hide!

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