Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I was having a hard time getting geared up for Easter/spring this year with all the snow we've had. Luckily Easter came anyway and we quite enjoyed ourselves.
We made these little nests (via Crafty Crow). I love how realistic (sort of) they look. They were a bit fragile, but the kids thought they were great.
We spent Friday with Nana and Papa and had a wonderful day. It started with a treasure hunt around the yard for all kinds of treats and goodies. It was sunny and warm and we played outside, climbed trees, had a snowball fight with the last remaining patch of snow, and visited.
Then the rest of the weekend we had our favorite Auntie Shishi over to play and have fun with. The Easter Bunny brought eggs and treats and chocolate fun. We found a few hidden eggs still this morning!
We had a great Easter feast on Sunday.
Charming Husband always cooks the big meats at our house, and he made the fantastical Drunken Pig. Oh so good.
We ate, we played, we watched Celebrity Apprentice...and I went to bed early when I couldn't keep my eyes open any more.
Happy Easter!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

So WONDERFUL!! I'm hoping for warm weather for thursday and if not lets do something anyway

Daisy Patch said...

I love the picture(s) of the two boys together.But they are not wearing red and blue!Now how am I supposed to remember which one is which? LOL!B-short hair and R long????

Little E is so adorable she looks so precious.The fleece top you made is so precious on her.

Margo Hodgins 403-532-1144 said...

Oh so fun!
Holidays are so fun for creating and documenting, aren't they?
I hope one day our little people appreciate, remember and pass it on to their own families.
Love the boys playing against the backdrop. And Miss E is so sweet w/ her little chick (?).
Funnily enough...I got my boys new easter shirts and have visions of a portrait or two...just hasn't happened yet. Guess it'll have to be a Spring day.
Happy Easter to you!