Sunday, April 05, 2009

Say Goodbye to Winter Toboggan Fest

There's no doubt that we're tired of the snow, but what better way to say 'seeya later' than a big snowy hill, a toboggan, and some fantastic sunshine...
Unfortunately the first run down the hill ended in a big dump in the snow. The Bug was a bit traumatized and has some 'snow rash' to show for it. Oddly, this did not stop The Bee and he was up and down (a shorter run) and loving every minute of it.
Soon enough though, the kids all discovered that 'sledding' down the slopes on their bums was way more fun than the toboggan. They climbed and slid and ate snacks and ate snow and laughed their heads off throwing snowballs down the hill.
It was a perfect send-off to winter. Now we just need the sunshine to work it's magic this week and welcome spring!

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rockstar said...

That looks like so much fun! What a beautiful day.