Friday, January 16, 2009

We Call Her The Streak

One of the things I don't particularly enjoy about this age group is the way that everything they eat gets smashed, mashed, thrown around, and smeared everywhere.
So the other day after lunch I just removed The Babes shirt so we could start over with a clean one. I set her down so I could hose down her high chair only to find her removing the rest of her clothes, including her diaper. She was just too funny as she ran around enjoying her freedom. Giggling with glee. So I had no choice but to enjoy it. And chase her around.
And yes, of course she peed on the floor. Thank goodness for hardwood.


Mmmmaaahvelous said... CUTE!
We have this issue at home too...and with Bup it's dangerous due to loaded weapons...with W it's a contsant effort to keep his pants on...this toiletting business.
Good job capturing her naked dash and enjoying the moment!:)

Alyson said...

Love it!!

Scribbit said...

What is it about them getting to the age where they learn to strip things off and run free? It's so cute.