Wednesday, January 07, 2009

46 Months

OK, I've decided to finish up with the 'monthly' updates when the boys turn 4 in Feb. I felt a wee bit guilty but they've got 4 YEARS already! It's not that I won't fill you in on all the riveting details, just not specifically by month. I'll continue with The Babe until she's at least 2, and we'll see from there.
SO, this month was mostly playing hockey outside and Christmas. Both of which I have already posted a lot of photos, so their wasn't really much else. Which makes me want to do some more portrait-like photos of the boys. Maybe to mark their 4th birthday or something like that. I always get some fun ideas and get all geared up in my head and then it never really goes that way, so we'll see...I'd really like some nice shots of my handsome kiddos.

As you can tell, Spiderman is still a big theme around here. The rest of us are growing somewhat tired of seeing the worn out/getting too short look, but anytime they're at home, that's what they go for. I can usually peel them out of it if we're going out in public, but as soon as we're home, it's back on. It looks especially nice when the hood is put on wet hair and slept in!

I call this photo, "But it's MY turn". Insert whining.

Both boys seem to be getting really smart these days. In more ways then one. They are observant and they notice and remember things. I'm pretty impressed. But they are also getting a bit smart-mouthed. Not so impressive. Talking back, not impressive. I guess they have to try it out to see what they can get away with. Or they can just remember they're 3 and I'm the BOSS OF THEM!!

My favorite responses are to picking up toys and putting things away.
"I'm too tired" (all that throwing stuff around the room can wear you out)
"I'm too sick" (very convenient...also handy for asking for cough drops. yuck)
and my personal fave "my hands are too small" (props for creativity, I have no idea where this came from)

Our good friends the Princess Sweet Peas came to visit with their newest Sweet Pea and the boys, especially The Bug was quite infatuated with her. His love for little babies was a little surprising (he's not really gushy) but it's so cute to watch. By the end of the visit all the kids were fighting over her and who got to hold her next. Oh to be so loved!

Anyhow, we had a busy/crazy month and survived colds and flu and all the snow and blustery cold with most of our sanity in tact. More or less. A little quiet time is most welcome at the moment.

And so I leave you with this...
You all must remember the classic slinky?
This is what happens when a slinky (or 2) meets a 3 year old. Poor slinky.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Laugh out LOUD! Oh, did I guffaw about "my hands are too small"!! Was that the Bee? Funny!
Yes, the sass...I tell W that I can't hear or help rude boys. works. There's ALOT of timeouts in our house these days. Somebody has to be in charge & it's not him...contray to popular belief.
Can you believe they're almost 4? FOUR! Shocking.
Funny little fellas...they're good boys, funny & smart & so full of life. Can you imagine how quiet it would be without them? Too quiet.
Enjoy their antics. Thankfully they have their little sister to keep them grounded!:)