Friday, January 30, 2009

Flunking Play School

Not my kids. Me.
I've been doing research lately on pre-school/play-schools in the area. And it's making me crazy. There are, in my opinion, just too many options. And most of them have registration for school in September, starting NOW. Or within the next few weeks.
The pressure already! And it's not that I think my kids will suffer in the future without attending some sort of pre-kindergarten program, but I think they would enjoy it, and so would I.
There is a wide array of pre-schools in the city, and we have a Waldorf program and several Montessori schools nearby.

I've never attended either of these types of schools, but they sound lovely, don't they? Basically a child is nurtered with storytelling and breadmaking and creative play and encouraged to be unique and learning is a tactile, exciting exploration. I think I want to go to a Waldorf school, and play with beautiful Montessori wooden toys!

Of course none of these schools is exactly free (like Kindergarten) and with two kids going at once, we're not likely to take that route. (preschool yes, fancy $$$ preschool, no)
And so I think to myself, why not incorporate some of these practises into our daily routine? There are plenty of books full of ideas and information.
I can read.
I would so like to be the mother who bakes bread with her children, and reads fastastic stories and sings songs with them every day. And takes them on nature walks while we marvel at the beauty around us. And then we return home to eat organic apples that we all picked together and do handycrafts quietly while the baby naps...
Instead I am the mother who yells too much and lets the kids watch cartoons while I do another load of laundry and eat my lunch over the sink, all the while wishing the crumbs on the floor would just disappear already.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh my gawd! I am so laughing until it hurts...and I am there with you sister!
First, we have W in a Montessori preschool...for MANY reasons...and he loves it! I do NOT love the fees. But we're sacrificing to make it work.
Second, I too want to me that Mom! Cause they exist right? That's "normal" and this life of ours is not?! Really! WTH! W will be scarred for life for sure! I know this to be true bc he says things like..."don't use your angry voice"...and..."be happy Mommy".
Next, I found and ordered from Amazon a couple of books on incorporating Montessori learning at home (they're not here yet)...and we've been doing spooning, pouring and transferring at home, W loves it, and I love Good Will for the inexpensive child sized glass dishes, etc purchased for which to do these activities.
Bake bread with children...tried bread was heavy and little and I really wanted to be drinking rum with them instead!:)

Lahni said...

By the time I got I. registered in playschool there were only two in the area that still had room. That made the decision really easy! We took him to the Springbank Playschool. We were really happy with it and the price was really cheap.

Go Cards said...

It's a hard thing to decided, we love our program, however there is No room in the 4 yr program, just 5 in the afternoon for 3's which is CRAZY that it is so full. Good luck with the choices...wish I could help you out more!

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Friends!

(Mrs. M we have some catching up to do!)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh! My sister used preshcool through CBE for Drew...I think she registered through Chinook Learning Services...and was happy with it, inexpensive and more traditional focused on kindergarten skills. Should have info on the Chinook website. Her girls went to Prep, which is for Down's Syndrome children...they have peer role models in classes.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Yeah I get really motivated for about half a day. I spent some time one night reading about Montessori at home stuff and so I moved Zoe's pj drawer to the bottom of her dresser so she could get them herself and the silverware drawer down one and that was the extent of that.

E asks me now when I sigh - are you tired or mad? And I also get don't talk to me in that voice mom.