Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Was Born On A Pirate Ship

Ok. First of all these outfits aren't really Halloween costumes. They are wearing other outfits for Halloween, which is another post entirely.

Grandma got these fantastic pirate hats at Disneyland, and who doesn't need more dress-up clothes, and there you have it...

The Bug informed me that pirates don't wear crocs, they wear boots. And they live on big ships. I was impressed with his 'pirate knowledge'. Who says kids can't learn from monkeys and backpacks?!
There is a sweet little wooded path near a playground we visit and as soon as I saw it, I pictured my 3 kids, hand in hand, walking down the path in a vision of cuteness. And that may be all it is. A dream in my head.
I knew it was asking the impossible for all 3 kids to cooperate. With each other. And with me. When I specifically asked them to. And it pretty much was. About 2 seconds in The Bug started tearing of his hat and scarf, as I expected he would. The Bee actually really likes to dress up, but his scarf is around his head and his eye patch was around his chin. The Babe whipped off her hat, princess ears and all and they headed off.
They were really cute and excited to help me for about. 0.02 seconds. Note to self. Bring more candy.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...'s hard isn't it? These litle people just don't want to be the models we're looking for.
I love the pics anyway even if they're not what you envisioned. Miis Babe looks so grown up with her fancy hairstyle and all!
The boys...too fun!
Your mom's find was fabulous!
Aaarrrrggghhh little maties!!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

PS: Very scary banner! Reminds me of the Body World or something!

Lahni said...

The pictures look super cute anyway. I also have had visions of cute pictures I could take of my kids and they never work. My fav pics of my kids are always random, unposed shots.

Jamie said...

Ha! So true! But they still look adorable.

Proud Granny said...

I don't remember any rules about pirates being cooperative, so maybe they were just being in character??