Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sew What? Part 2

Soooo, what have I been doing? Since it hasn't been updating much or editing photos or cooking anything yummy for dinner?
I have a new passion for sewing cute things for my daughter. It's like a crazy obsession right now. I think because it's really satisfying to spend a little bit of time and effort and have something to show for it. Thanks majorly to some sweet online tutorials. I started off with a fleecy blanket but that may not count as there was no sewing.
The first couple of pieces were skirts of mine that I just altered to fit The Babe. I didn't even redo the hems, just cut off the tops (or the middle of the brown dress so I could keep the top and the bottom).
I used the Habitual Sundress and the Pillowcase dress as inspiration.

This was my first 'from scratch' dress. I love this fabric. Which is not easy to find in this city. Or as Shimmy Shake mentioned, the pretty designer fabrics are crazy expensive. WHY??

Anyway, I found some deliciously soft baby whale corduroy at the W-Mart, so it's not all bad. I thought a little corduroy for the Simple Kimono would make it a bit more for fall than summer-y. This Kimono was a bit trickier for me to do, but now that I've done one I will definitely try again. Luckily I cut a pattern out of paper!

And I adore these sweet skirts. They are so quick and simple, even for me. They take such a small amount of fabric and time that you can whip them up like crazy. Or make them longer and add straps!

Sooooo...that is what had been keeping me busy. I've barely had time to catch up on my fall shows!
Next I want to try some little pants, which I have a simple pattern for. Since how many dresses/skirts does a 16 month old need?? Or does that matter??!
I can't resist those skirts...
*Close-Up* when I picked up my fabric they had remnants for nearly free. the cutest fabric in the bin was for halloween. this fabric was so pretty and soft cotton, but too funny...they even glow in the dark!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW these are fantastic. I especially like the first one and the skirt with the red and blue flowers. And the kimono shirt looks fabulous. And no they can never have too many clothes afterall they need things to change into three - four - five times a day! Once again you are very inspiring.

I don't think that designer fabrics have gotten expensive -I think they always were, I just think that in the olden days we had no idea that they existed. But now with the Internet we too can aspire to the tastes of rich New Yorkers.

I'm so looking forward to being in the same city again and being able to swap ideas and sources.
Don't forget the indian fabric shops on 17Ave SE for some interesting choices... plus they have garnishes galore.

sciencegeek said...

Wow! I am so impressed. Cute stuff.

Proud Granny said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! They look wonderful and I can't wait to see them.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh!! Love, love LOVE them. Great work! They look store fancy pants designer seamstress!
So cool that you recycled a couple of your garments.
The pink "ghosts" [as W calls them] are too cute & hilarious!!
You're right about fabric store options...hard to find...Sweet Peas suggestion of the Indian stores would be lovely too.

Shimmy Shake said...

Wowza, you have been quite busy. But, what wonderful products! Did you have any luck at Fabricland...or did you have to go to a quilting store? Anyways, your finished products are can get quite addictive to create things by hand...enjoy.

And...designer fabrics online from the states are not that expensive, I find, even with shipping.

Sweet P's Blog said...


Your mom is here visiting me and we are having such a fun time. I'm more than happy to have your blog and see all the fun things you're doing. Your designer little girl clothes are great and I'm so glad you shared them with everyone.

Your kids are adorable and all the fun stories from your mom are so much fun. Maybe some day I'll even get to meet them.

Love to you and your family...

Pauline (your moms cousin in California)

Two Mittens said...

Thanks for the reminder on fabric Mrs.PSP...and for the encouraging/helpful comments everyone.

And 'HI' to our California cousins. Thanks for stopping by!

Go Cards said...

there are other little girls you could sew for! *wink*
Very cute, I really need to use my machine a little more....