Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baby Girl 16 Months

Ah, the Baby Girl...and true to form at 16 months she is asserting her independence and letting her opinions be known. She loves her big brothers but does not like them taking her toys or going off without her.

She wants to do what they are doing and she is really learning a lot. Not always in a good way!
She's feisty and sweet and loud and shrill and smart and loving and slap-happy and fun. She loves to clean things with baby wipes. She loves to find daddy's belly button (strangely, just his). She gets a bit punchy when she's tired or drunk. Ok, just tired. Or annoyed at not getting her way. And sometimes she likes to bite me. All with love. Puppies I tell ya, little kids are mostly like puppies.
It's so much fun to watch her run around and see the delight in her face at being such a big girl. She continues to learn new words. She says 'bye daddy' and blows kisses.
At times I am amazed at all the energy and life in such a teeny little person. I know she's getting big and she's actually tall and all that, but when I pick her up she's still so light and small.
She's down to about 1 nap a day. Which is fine most days, although makes for a tired girl at bedtime. Which she now hates. She has gone to bed without any fuss for a long time, but lately she would much rather stay up with the big kids and have fun. On the bright side of that, she has started sleeping! For many hours! In a row!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

I read something the other day about the fact that parents all think their kids are beautiful. And it's so true.
One of the true joys of being a parent is you get to enjoy how absolutely beautiful your little babes are. Fingers and toes, eyelashes and little baby bums. And it totally doesn't matter if no one else thinks so. I think it's natures way of making up for some of the stink and the mess. Rocks in her hair and jam up her nose...that's my girl!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

*sigh* Oh so lovely....
Aren't they incredible little beings? Geniuses really...adults certainly don't learn as quickly as sweet little 16mth olds.
And you're right about puppies & theory is why have a puppy when one can have kids?! Disclaimer...I may change my theory once they start talking back!

Proud Granny said...

This little Babe is truly beautiful! and oh so much fun.