Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moab Pool Party

We've had visitors the past couple of days. Nana and Papa were on their way back home from a wedding in Las Vegas and stopped by for a couple of days. It's always fun with Nana and Papa. Especially with pool toys!
You can't tell from the sunny pictures, but it's actually a bit chilly out. The Bug was not going to be deterred, and he actually went in the big pool with daddy. The kids have never really gone swimming in a big pool before so he was quite excited.He held on really really tight, but had a big smile the whole time.
The Bug was not going to get in. Even with his dragon. He spent a few minutes in the hot tub with his sandals and hoodie on, but preferred to catch a few rays.
The Babe was content to hang out with Nana and Papa and watch all the action. Swimming for her another day!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Great colors!
How fun...a day at the pool.
Your vacation looks wonderful. Hope it's all going better than expected.

Two Mittens said...

It's super hot now, so I'm determined to have some fun at the pool today!