Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Girl 1 Year!

Last Thursday was The Babes first birthday. Unfortunately we spent that whole day in the van driving home. Not her first choice of activities, I'm certain. Little trooper.

She is currently struggling with her two bottom molars. This will make 11 and 12. Yikes. She sure has had a head start on teeth. I'm hoping this means she will get all that strife out of the way early.
She still doesn't often sleep through the night. Although she did quite well while we were away. And now the painful gums have kept us both up most of this week.

And while I miss sleeping this past year (sometimes painfully so) I must confess that holding that tiny little body at night and kissing those cheeks when I put her back to bed, I will likely miss even more.

She is definitely developing a more independent attitude, and loves to play alongside her brothers as well as explore on her own.
She still loves to empty things (cupboards, laundry baskets) but she now tries to put things back sometimes. That's a good step!
And speaking of steps, she really hasn't taken any on her own. She still practices standing and getting her balance, but finds crawling much faster.

I love how she is getting so big and capable, and she is still so small and sweet.
We just love her to pieces!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Isn't she lovely? I love her smile.
Can you believe she's 1yr? It's all too fast. But this age is really fun too...the exploring, realizing they comprehend so much more than we give them credit for at first...
Can't wait to have a playdate with our "almost twins!"

Viking WIth An Office Job said...

The photo of the Empress with the pink pants on her head makes me smile - a lot.

workinmom said...

wow, 1 year already! it's so amazing how time flies! I looks like you are having a ton of fun so far this summer. It's so great to see all the pictures and get a snap shot of what's going on.