Monday, May 05, 2008

International Day of Wonder

It's International Midwives Day! And Cinco de Mayo! And we're going on vacation this week to the Fire Rocks!
(molten lava is also know around here as Fire case you're visiting any live volcanoes)

So have a baby/a margarita and pack your bags!

I am hankering for a nice salsa with something lime-y while I wash the laundry and fill up a duffle bag with hats and sunscreen and shorts.
We need a summer wardrobe!
Swimsuits for everyone!
They have swimming pools in the desert!
(guess who hasn't worn a swimsuit for over 3 years?? is there a special mom suit out there that magically reflect light and water to fool the eye and make you instantly tanned and toned? there should be!)

Rocks and sun and fun!
Any advice on how to survive the 15-20 hour car ride??!!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Ear plugs. Music. Books on CD. DVDs. Snacks. Toys. Ear plugs.
On a Jon & Kate plus 8 episode they drove to Florida and wore earplugs...could still hear the kids but they sounded 3 miles away. If they can do, why not you too?
Have super fun! I'm so happy for you guys going on a big sunny adventure! Yay!!
And you will look fabulous in your suit. One thing I have learned from travelling to warm places, is that it takes all sorts to sit by the pool or on the beach and you will be the normal lovely sort not the ugly naked european sort.

Alyson said...

Get out every 3-5 hours and run around like a chicken with your head cut of. the kids too. You have to get those wiggles out. Also CDs with kid songs and stories . Even though your ears are bleeding because of the 15 time of Sharon, Lois and Brahm, its still better than the blood curdling screams from boredom on their part.