Friday, May 02, 2008


3 and I have had a bit of a rough time lately. As I've alluded to. So I thought it only fair that I tell you about my afternoon.
My two 3year olds played outside in the backyard all afternoon. ALL. AFTER. NOON.
Together. Without pounding on each other. Or running back and forth to the door and ringing the doorbell and climbing the railings on the deck. Like happy little pals.
With my close watch from the windows at the back of the house. And only minor incidents. (stealing the sprinklers from next door)
They had fun. I had calm. The Babe had a nice nap.
We were all so civilized.

It was like a little bit of backyard prozac.


Ms. Mamma said...

Yes! The great outdoors is such a lifesaver! We had an extremely long winter and to be able to take advantage of all the fresh air is simply 'breathtaking' hee hee. Glad you had some calm!

Go Cards said...

love playing in the yard, thanks for the fun times! the craziness it!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Happy Little Backyard-Kleptos equals an even happier Momma. Wuhoo!!
I'm glad you all had a repreive from life in toddlerland. Those are needed in vast amounts and greater frequency for all toddler-mom's.