Tuesday, May 27, 2008

39 Months

Aaaahhh...my boys. I was looking at pictures the other day of the boys when they were about 16 months old. Just a little older than The Babe is now. They were such cute little babes. They were(are) such a handful, but they were so sweet. Over the past few weeks I've been thinking how tall and boy-ish they look all of a sudden.
They were pretty good travelers which was a huge relief (a little movie goes a long way...I think a I replayed the 7 minute 'Mater and the Ghostlight' a gajillion times on the way home).

They are so often lost in their own world of play and entertainment. Which is greatly annoying when they don't listen to anyone else, BUT they are often being silly for each other and laughing (and squealing) with joy.

One of the funniest things The Bee does is sing. Sometimes he really knows the words and sometimes he just says whatever it 'sounds' like. He makes us laugh.
The Bug is such a good boy a lot of the time. He has some very specific 'wants' or as he emphatically states "I DON'T WANT!" but the rest of the time he's pretty easy to get along with.

Once again, they are a lot like puppies. They will spend all day outside if possible, but get pretty wild on rainy days when they can't go out so much. We like them to be tired at the end of the day. Or they have too much energy.
We haven't been having much afternoon 'quiet time' lately, and it's wearing me out!

They're both creative and funny and stubborn and bossy and loud and mischevous and sweet and obnoxious and fun.

Here's my sweet Bee.


Go Cards said...

you are soo good at keep track. M started signing there names when she saw the pics...oh ___and ___oh___and ___so funny.

Viking WIth An Office Job said...

I was just delighting in you talking about your little people and in the photos you posted (which are wonderful - you have such talent with a camera). It makes me love your kids and love mine even more. Thanks!

Two Mittens said...

Thanks for stopping by Viking. I get such satisfaction from doing this.
I appreciate your kind words.

And I think I love them more too!