Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What's With The Mittens?

So a few people have expressed curiosity around the name 'twomittens'. Here's the best explanation I could come up with...

First of all, it's not a direct reference to my kids. Two boys, two mittens, easy interpretation. Except now there are three mittens. If that were the case. Not so. Who has 3 mittens??

And I don't knit. I'm terrible at it.

My original tag line read 'twomittens - held together by idiot strings' which is really more telling.
(Idiot strings are those strings that go through your coat and attach to your mittens so you don't lose them. At least that's what my dad says. And he knows everything)
Twomittens is really more of a vague reference to the cozy/warm/happy/idyllic notion of domestic bliss. Which does not exist. At least in my world. And it's more about my attempt to keep holding things together.
With the love and the insanity and the diapers and the mini van and the no sleep for 3 years and the adorable cuteness and the noise and all the rest of it.... TWOMITTENS!!!


Peace Sweet Peas said...


Jamie said...

Idiot strings...I think I need idiot strings for more than just my mittens.

Mmmmaaahvelous said... all makes sense to me. Most parents are made of idiot least I believe that.
AND...I agree with Mrs Sweet Peas!!

Go Cards said...

Well that is a wonderful post! You make me laugh!