Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baby Girl 9 Months

Nine months. I can hardly believe it. Too fast!

The Babe has been fairly sick the past week with a fever. I was getting quite worried, as mom's tend to do in the middle of the night with a hot sick little babe, but she seems to be pretty much back to her normal self. Looks like a case of the baby measles. Not too serious, but not too fun either.

This month Little Miss Sunshine has been all about the freedom of crawling around. She gets tired of being held or sitting in her chair and she just wants to move!

She is also into throwing things on the floor (everything she gets her hands on), spitting raspberries (again), sprouting another tooth (number 8 is almost all through), pointing her wee finger at everything, chasing her brothers (they squeal like a wild monkey is going to attack them when she looks in their direction) and wrapping her daddy around her finger. Oh yes. She's got that one all wrapped up!


Go Cards said...

love the pics! You are really great at taking pictures. one day...Babe is very cute. I hope she feels better real soon!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh she's lovely.
Love, LOVE, l-o-v-e fingers & toes shot.
Isn't crawling fun? All about childproofing yet again? I can't wait until the chasing starts here it should be hilarious.
Her little yoga poses are too cute.
Your little mover & shaker...hope she's back up to par soon. Sickness is NEVER fun!

workinmom said...

aww...she's big! I wish they could just stay little, I just can't keep up with the constant need to be "on the go" why does sitting still for 2 minutes seem like Chinese water torture?!

themadhatter said...

she is quite the yogie isn't she. T3 just lays in his stomach and waits to be fed fictitious grapes.


Peace Sweet Peas said...

oh she is so adorable... it doesn't seem possible that she is already 9 months old. Z was wearing the same rose hat today looking so sweet with Daddy as they headed out to go swimming. It is our latest weekend adventure. We use to all go but I never really liked going to the pool so now he just takes one at a time and they get to have their special time with dad.