Saturday, March 01, 2008

36 Months

Whew, February is OVER!
What a whirlwind. We had a TON of fun. And some not so fun (2 funerals). But man were we busy. Busy can be great, but also exhausting.

Lately we seem to be in a vortex of nap hell. There have been days when the boys are happy to play all afternoon and so I let them. Which goes well until about dinner time when it turns into a nightmare. BAD. We all fall apart.
But then if they nap too long or too late, they don't want to go to bed. The Bug routinely stays up until 9 or 10pm in his room. He will just keep himself too busy to fall asleep.

The Bee especially has made leaps and bounds with his verbal skills. I can often ask him a question and he will answer. Or even use a sentence! It's quite fun.
The Bug on the other hand is a man of fewer words. Even when he really should tell me something he will just give me this look like I'm a crazy woman. Like when we went for a walk to get the mail. We were all happy to be outside but The Bug was walking kind of funny and falling behind. I asked him (repeatedly) if he was having a problem with his boots. Not a word. When we got home he had a little raw spot on each foot from rubbing on his ankle. I guess he'll decide when he feels like saying something.

The boys are getting more and more interactive with their baby sister. Sometimes that is good, but often it's not so good. The poor babe has a tough road ahead with those two. Although, at times they can both be loving.
I've also noticed The Bee will engage his sister and make her laugh and play with her while The Bug is playing on his own. I suspect this will continue and they will enjoy each others company. When the boys are not too busy telling her what to do or taking thing away from her.

Still she loves them so much!


Go Cards said...

boy do I know the playing nice and not the next ALL too well, especially with the littlest one! cute pics

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Very fun. Love the dots too.
Yes, our little R knows too well E's situations with brothers taking things away. W likes to announce, "That's W's!" and yank it away. He also likes to yell at R, "Don't touch R. No, no R. That's dangerous R." Poor R.
Poor babes. She'll be a tough cookie one day.
Aren't the differences in our children amazing? Especially at this young age when they are essentially being raised the same?
Nap-hell...we just came through that. Which meant W was going to bed by 6pm at night, missing seeing B altogether and the evening prior to bedtime became the WITCHING HOUR!!! Thankfully, he's napping again, but it's not quite so smooth as before.
Hang in there. Dont' give up. We need nap time...everyone does.