Thursday, March 27, 2008

37 Months

When I get behind like this it starts to feel quite daunting to catch up. But I figure if I just do it, when I look back it won't matter so much what day it was or how much time has really passed, just that I kept doing it.
And I was going to combine it with Easter, but I have saved some good ones for a separate post.

So 37 months...all/some of us have been sick in one way or another for so long, it seems like that's all that's been going on. However, the pictures say otherwise. Which is so much a part of why I take them. They fill in the gaps in my brain.

The boys are seeming more and more grown up all the time, however they still maintain that miserable no-can-do attitude, and uncooperative air to remind me that they are still toddlers. And they already know to go-to whichever parent might feel sorry for them if they are getting into trouble with the other one. 'I want Mommy...I want Daddy...'
They are getting more independent slowly, but surely. Mostly slowly. It still takes forever to get us all in the car to go anywhere, but sometimes they actually put their shoes on!

They also both like to carry their 'stuff' around with them all the time. Sometimes in a little pail, or a box, or a slowly deteriorating puzzle box full of both the puzzle and all the cars that will fit. Or Easter eggs and fluffy chicks. Or the cardboard their toys came in.
This way they don't drop quite so much carrying them from room to room and to dinner and the bathtub and to bed...

Still one of the most fun things to watch is the way they interact with each other. They still totally fight over toys and whatnot, and they will intentionally taunt each other just to get a reaction. But they are also best friends.

Their bedrooms are on different levels of the house. One up and one down, but they are actually directly aligned, with a floor in between. So they have devised communication.
The Bug was looking for a car the other day, one that they had been trading(fighting over) all day. He was in his room and when I told him I didn't know where was he immediately ran over to the air vent in the floor and yelled into it, BEE...BLUE CAR?!
The often give me updates on the status of the other...sad, crying, awake, etc.

I hope they stay close all of their lives but I can't help thinking that together they are totally going to get the best of us!


ch said...

great pictures

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol...they are so fun. The hollaring at each other down the register is brilliant!

Ms. Mamma said...

TW- Your children are totally gorgeous bambinos!

Go Cards said...

love the pics