Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've become one of those people who starts to feel kind of jazzed about holidays (it doesn't take much although St. Patricks day stirred nothing in me).
I think it's because as a SAHM so many days run together and it gets tough sometimes to define one from another.
So spring! Easter! Yay!

But then we were hit with the black plague and my visions of fluffy bunnies and baby chicks have been taken up by the crankiness and the sleeplessness and the stuffiness and so on.
So I have not yet taken any cute baby Easter pictures. Which pains me. But I have not given up. Pictures will be taken. Cuteness will ensue.
In the meantime, the photos in the header are some of my favorite of my wee bunnies when they were 14 months old. Yummy little Bunnies!


Go Cards said...

So cute, that's how old C is right now! Love the pics and hope you guys are feeling better over there.
miss seeing you!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Despite my plans and daydreams there have been no pics here either! Maybe they'll just have to be a day or two late. You know the cliche....
And how cute are the boys?!! They have changed so so so much. Isn't it amazing? Love your little bunnies!