Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sweet Pea Princesses

Girls, Girls, Girls!
For once the boys were outnumbered in our household. At least for a couple of days last week. The kids had a fabulous time together. It was like they were long lost friends. Which they kind of are. Only they probably don't remember much.
They boys called out 'come play, come play' as soon as they got in the door.

And it didn't feel like it had been a year and a half since we'd been together. Which is the best kind of friends to have.
If they are lucky they will be lifelong friends, like Mrs. Sweetpeas and me...

It was super fun to take some photos of pretty little girls.

Playing around with textures here...SO.FUN.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Look at them! They're lovely.
A yr & a 1/2 already?! Yikes...much too long. I love that the boys were so welcoming..and you know, they probably remember some, just aren't able to express it maybe.
Great shots...I love them all. The snuggle and look on sad Z's face. The smiley ones. The pink & texture. It's all good.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

I love these. You have such a talent and I can see how much fun you're having too.

Ms. Mamma said...

They are so incredible! Now I want to take some pictures of little girls and tons of tulle!