Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3rd Birthday Part 1

It seems I have an aversion to birthday parties. Not all parties. Just ones that involve a houseful (my house full) of toddlers cracked up on sugar. Because they don't need any extra cracking. Believe me.

But it also seems that even a house full of family is too much. It's all chaos and no real time to visit. So I tend to break up these events into smaller, more manageable pieces. At least that's my thinking.

So we had a great time with our friends over for a special playdate.

We had treats.

And balloons.
(CH and I decided we're getting the kids balloons for Christmas because they were SO entertaining)

And the kids ran around like crazy and had a blast.
Hmmmm...this is sounding suspiciously like a real birthday party...

What more could two 3 years old want?


Go Cards said...

It's so funny how both of those 2 are sooo similar and both have the crazy hair (2nd pic)! Love the pic of M, I am going to have to get a copy of that. We had so much fun. Thanks for the good times. Breaking it up is good and bad in my mind, means more crazy over days...I prefer just to get it all done at once! You take some great pics!

Two Mittens said...

It's fun that the kiddos get along so well. We all had a great time!

Go Cards said...

they do we should plan another for this week!