Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On The Move

The Babe is crawling! She started last week. She finally figured out how to go forward. Look out world. Well, mostly look out brothers. Now she really can get your stuff.

And she's got another tooth through as well. I knew all that drool had a purpose. Another bottom biter. That makes 6.

We are veeery busy here at the mittens household. Will post more pics soon...


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

What a happy girl!
Good for her!
R is trying to go forwards and has been a little the last couple of days but I don't think he realizes it yet. He's all about the standing too! Laughs, bounces and falls down. So proud to stand.
Can't wait to see your girl (&boys). The boys will be a little upset with her these days...touching their stuff!

Go Cards said...

YEAH babe! So fun! now it doesn't stop uh mom! Call me when the craziness is over! hope you are having fun!