Monday, February 25, 2008

And The Award Goes To...

We watched the Oscars last night. And while it's a lot less exciting when you haven't seen any of the movies it was mildly entertaining. I have to admit that it made me want to do something glamorous. Or look glamorous. Or something.
But then it just made me think that there should be some kind of awards in the 'mom business'.
Many professions have recognition or awards. My husband has won awards for his work.
Why not us???

Not in the context that it's any kind of contest. Just the recognition of work well done.

And yes, there's Mothers Day, but that's really in the hands of children.

We could be nominated and voted on by our peers. The people who really understand what's going on. And then we'd all dress up and go out and have a big party and shower each other with accolades. Just to let each other know we're doing a good job.
And the categories might be something like...

Mother who had to get up with the baby every 2 hours all night but still managed to feed her family relatively healthy meals the next day.

Or Mother who took 3 kids under 3 grocery shopping and managed to actually buy a few groceries.

Or Mother who had 3 kids in diapers with a touch of the flu who changed a bagillion stinky diapers in one day. And didn't gag or dress them in garbage bags.

Or Mother who wanted to just give up and hide in her room reading a book by herself all day, but DIDN'T.

You get the idea.
If you know a mom, show some love today.
If you are one, I would nominate you!
What category should you be nominated for?!


Alyson said...

My award would be for the mom who didn't beat her children despite the fact that when attending to the shopping they came to fisty cuffs over cereal and when I said fine we are not buying anything, they proceeded to yell you are the meanest mom and I am going to kill myself all through the isles while I was putting the perishables back. Did I mention that baby was sick and so was I. Yah add that too.

Alyson said...

Oh I forgot to mention I will be wearing my snot cover puked on yoga pants and cap sleeve shirt. Clothing by Costco body by Hagen Das

Two Mittens said...

Even my hubby was laughing outloud when he read your comments Alyson.
(with you, not at you)

You totally get a trophy!

I have to go now. The twins are throwing basketballs at the glass french doors...

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

No nomination here...I think I'm just hoping for an honoray mention.
I would nominate a mom for the Mother-belle Peace Prize...the mom who does not yell at her children all day, who does not threaten with spanks or flicks, whose son does not say, " Momma angrin (angry), Big spanks." or "Momma frustrated."

Two Mittens said...

Big Spanks always cracks me up!
You are nominated for a Super Mommy award. =)