Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year

Last year at this time I had a free pass. The 'Pregnant Lady eats what she wants' pass. But I knew exactly how I'd be feeling this year... yucky!
I knew that with the baby being 7 months old and after the holidays, I would be feeling annoyed with the squishy baby belly and oddly shaped body I have acquired.
So I join the millions out there wanting to eat better and feel better about my physical self.

We're off to a good start. I spent a good part of New Year's day roasting, steaming, toasting, pureeing, souping turkey leftovers and freezing. I've got myself some interesting new cookbooks and feeling motivated. I'm a little afraid it won't last, but I'm trying to carry on the momentum.
I'm not saying that I'm cutting out all treats or being super strict. MrMittens is taking a more vigorous approach.
I figure I'll go in phases. Healthier eating is step one (less junk, more whole foods). I know I may still crave some comfort foods, but less of them and of a more healthful variety.

My next phase will incorporate more exercise. I'm going to give that another couple of months. Realistically I need at least a little more sleep, and getting outside will be more incentive.

And then the third perhaps final stage will be the drastic measures/suck it up/work it off phase. I'm saving that for late spring/early summer. Whatever I can do (in a healthy way) to finish it off.

I don't want to lose a ton of weight. I'd actually rather trade some muscle and tone for it. I'd just like to go down about a size or so and look better in my clothes. And then I will buy some new ones!
If I can look ahead to next year, I'd just like to be happier with the way I look, and the way I feel. Stronger and fitter.
And a Happy Healthy Fit and Fun 2008 to you too!


Go Cards said...

Good planning for the new year! I am at about the same place!
As for Cameras I just need to go and look with out kids and feel them and see what I like, I just want a little more sometimes...but not too heavy ect a happy medium would be great!
oh I took some pics of M today, she was getting into it a little, can't wait to do more!

Jamie said...

Good for you! I especially love your realistic time goals - you are way ahead of me - I'm still at "can't-give-up-all-the-yummy-treats". Might be awhile...

Two Mittens said...

GC - M is probably a natural for photos...she IS a princess after all.

Jamie - you have the metabolism of a hummingbird. I'd have cake for breakfast if I were you =)

I'm going to add you both to my fuzzies, OK?