Monday, January 21, 2008

35 Months

So, for the first time ever I'm going to do a bit of a separate update for the boys.
Weird, I know.
It just seems that while they still do almost everything together, they need some time/space to themselves too. They can't fight if they're not together!
It's not that they fight constantly, because they play together all the time, but they certainly know how to bug each other too.
And they do have very different distinct personalities, which are fun to discover and observe. They also appreciate a little one on one time.

The Bug.
He is often seen trying to carry/hold every toy car in the house in his hands or stashing them in his room. He now uses a basket or bucket to carry them from his room to other parts of the house. Do not try to remove them or your ears will crack and bleed from the screams erupting from the small boy.
The cutest part is the way he lines them all up at bedtime. He loves them.

The Bug has started enjoying singing now too. His favorite is the theme from The Wonder Pets. He likes to sing very loudly, what's gonna work? TEAMWORK!

The Bee.
The Bee carries on in his dramatic, yet lovable fashion. He is quite good at playing hockey and basketball (which he calls soccer for some reason). They like to stand on little chairs to reach the basketball net, which is also little. But The Bee can actually throw the balls in himself.

He still likes to sing and will sing along even if he doesn't quite know the words!
He's good at making things up. If something isn't the right size...too big or small...won't fit. It's too fit. Always something new with this kid!


Go Cards said...

your boys make me laugh! I can't believe they are almost 3!!!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

how wonderful is that!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Ohthey are fun &funny!
The cars fetish is too sweet. W likes to line all his up in a row across the carpet in Man's World. Very linear beings these boys!