Monday, August 13, 2007


So, the past few days have included a sister and nephew from Ontario, a Science Centre, a backpacking trip (CH), a substantial one day car ride with myself and all 3 kids, a temple, a blessing, Great Grandma's and Grandpa's (my grandparents, and parents), various other family members, AND...a parade!

I have to go lie down now.

The Babe and her Great Grandpa.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Can I please order one of those chairs for my house? How fun!
Wonderful pic of E-babe with her Great Gramps.
Whew! All this action must entitle the mom to a family nap?!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

that chair is so cool. I've been thinking of you lots lately ;and wondering how you're doing. Ebaby certainly hasn't slowed you down. Are you getting any sleep? So nice to get together with family.