Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baby Girl 3 Months

People often stop and talk to me when I am out with the kids. When I would go out with the boys they often ask if they are twins and then I get either an 'aaaww' (that's so nice), or an 'aaahh', (I feel sorry for you, glad it's not me). More of the latter, especially when I was pregnant.

But occasionally another mother of twins (usually grown) would have some encouraging words. I remember especially one woman telling me how easier it was having one baby after twins. Especially as your first babies.
And boy was she right!!
One baby is practically a treat. I feel like I get to enjoy her more without the pressure of always worrying about another baby to feed or change or hold. Of course I still have twins, but their needs aren't the same right now.

We've had a fun month with lots of family and friends to meet for the first time (the baby).
She has also grown so much in the last few weeks. She has found her hands, and they are so fun to chew and drool on. She's good at spit bubbles.
She likes to smile and coo at anyone who will talk to her. She can hold her head up and 'stand up' like crazy. She's very strong.
She's also a cat-napper during the day. Often little short naps. But she's getting better at sleeping at night . She always goes to bed pretty well, and has slept right through a few times.
Her colic isn't so bad anymore. She still had 'episodes' of it, but not as often. Hopefully she's almost grown out of it. (She's getting better with the burps!)

Overall, The Babe is a pure delight. We adore her!

Baby has a new pair of shoes!


Alyson said...

she is so pretty

Peace Sweet Peas said...

she is so so adorable. T and I agree you are such a great photographer.

We love her and we haven't even gotten to tickle her yet.

Two Mittens said...

She would love you right back with smiles and giggles and spit bubbles!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Lovely little lady!
Great pics Mrs Mittens.
The shoe fetish has begun!