Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Lovin'

August always feels like Sunday night before you have to go back to work (like when you get weekends off, and you have to return to your job, not like now, when you never get days off, but that's another topic).

Anyway, we've had a great summer. Especially the past couple of weeks. We've traveled and seen family and had a fantastic time with some special friends from out of town. The weather has been great. I like it when it's been hot enough that the cooler weather is nice break. But alas, it all feels like it is coming to an end. Fall is nice and all that, just too short.
There is also a very good chance that this is the last summer we'll be spending time out at the chalets...sigh...

So, my strategy is to ignore it. And enjoy the last couple weeks of August. Even as the days get shorter and cooler.

How has your summer been?
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Peace Sweet Peas said...

Im feeling so melancoly about this fall feeling weve been having. I loved the heat that we had this summer even if it was uncomfortable and inconvientent at times. the best was filling the swimming pool (which is super tiny) and watching hte girls play and participating in a few water fights too. We had the best little club house underneath our willow tea where I hung a swinging chair and we would bring out a blanket and have snacks with all the stuffed toys. We even tried playdough outside but that was less than pleasant due to a lot of gunk getting stuck in it and then Id forget to bring it in and it would be alternately dried out or icky wet. I thought we would make lots of little small trips out to the numerous lakes aroundhere but we didnt we just dug in the sand at the playground and ate lots of freezies in our yard.

Two Mittens said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer! Playing in the water, and swings and picnics...wonderful stuff.