Wednesday, August 22, 2007

30 Months

I feel like I am living with two pint-sized teenagers.

They talk back.
A simple 'no' has been replaced with an emphatic 'no way'. I especially enjoy the way they will look you in the eye and say 'no' when you ask them to do something, or to stop doing something.

They are moody and tempermental.

They stay up all night.
The Bee has actually improved once you get him into bed. But he will try to stay up as long as he can. Now The Bug has taken to staying awake (in his room) until 10 or 11pm and plays or whines at his door. Then they are often tired/crabby in the morning.

They always want the car.
The Bug is especially emphatic about it. He likes to touch the outside of it, but even better is to get inside where you can really have some fun (when it is parked). Unless you have to be in your car seat. Then you must pull the shoulder straps off and play with the locks or the door handle (handy child safety feature) or poke your baby sister.

Luckily, The Bee still gives the best hugs in the whole world and they are both pretty generous with the kisses.
The Bee will often try to soften you up with 'Hugs Mommy' when he knows you are unhappy with him. It works.

They are curious and adventurous about the world around them. They are learning new things every day (like repeating back whatever you say - my favorite, 'you're bugging me').

And they both love their baby sister. When they notice her. Although I think they both look forward to the day when she appreciates the cars and other toys they try to share with her/shove in her face.

Their 'craft' here is really just playing with scissors.

Future Rock Star!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

My teenagers have been telling me for quite some time now Dont sing, Dont dance, the other day Z told me Dont read. Well I ask you what the heck did I have kids for if it wasnt to sing silly songs and dance around the house with. Next theyll be refusing to leave the house with me if I have breakfast all over my clothes (not that that would be a horrid thing). I expected this perhaps at 11 12 years of age. But 3.5 and 1.75 give me a break kids.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Rock on!
So grown up....