Monday, April 02, 2007

Word Up

I was happy to pick up a copy of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival program when I was out on the weekend (yay me!).

Back in 'The Day' ('The Day' was before kids when my life existed beyond my own home and picking up diapers at the supermarket) I attended several spoken word/poetry events around the city. There is a real energy and vibrancy around artists/writers/poets/storytellers performing their own works right in front of you. And rather than reading long boring poems written hundreds of years ago (which can be enlightening as well) it's all very current and timely, as each author tells his/her own story. It was something I really enjoyed and I'm glad I live in a city where these sorts of things exist. It's a big part of what I like about the city. More arts!! LOVE IT!

Anyway...ramble, are a couple of exerpts I enjoyed from the printed program...I hope to attend some events in person. And I hope you do too!

from "She Dreams In Red"

from "Precious Cargo"
(for obvious sounds so poetic the way he describes it...)

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