Saturday, April 21, 2007

26 Months little babies are growing up. I realize it's all relative. And nothing earth shattering has happened over the past month, just little things. A few words are strung together, more interaction, more recognition of the world around them. Even a lot of their clothes are getting a bit shorter all of a sudden. Sometimes just the way they look at me seems more grown up.

With the exception of the general 2yr old defiance and exhertion of independence (tantrum power) things are going fairly smoothly at the moment. I realize these moments can be brief, and it feels like perhaps the quiet before the 'storm' of the new baby shakes up our household!
I can't imagine that the boys fully understand what is coming. The Bee likes to poke my stomach and say 'Baby' and he recognizes babies in pictures or on tv. The Bug doesn't say much about it, but that's his style. He may just be collecting all the data and sorting and filing it away in his busy brain for the right moment.

One thing is for sure, both boys can't get enough of their daddy. They will call him from their rooms in the morning if he doesn't get up soon enough. If I'm the one getting them up they will always ask for 'Daddy?'. Like they can't believe he would go to work without playing with them. Daddy always makes them laugh with tickles and cuddles and chasing them around..and the occasional ball to the head. They are definitely Daddy's boys.


vanishingword said...

adorable in all their rascalliness!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So grownup! Losing their babiness all the time...sigh...
Love the attack of the hungry couch!