Thursday, April 12, 2007

Class Act at the Mall

The lovely Mrs. M and I often get together with our boys for playdates. It is getting increasingly difficult to find places to go where the kids can have some fun, but we don't have to physically chase them around too much. Because we are tired and getting too pregnant to run very fast. It's still too soggy to play outside but we still like to get out of the house and enjoy each others company.

Today we decided to meet at Chinook Mall, before the stores actually opened, so the kids could run around a bit and not get into too much trouble....can you sense the impending 'doom'?

First, let me just make it clear that Mrs. M is practically a Southern Belle. Who lives too far North to be considered Southern. She was clearly brought up well, and this is in no way a reflection otherwise. Unlike myself...
Second, Chinook Mall does not like children. There is no play area, shopping carts are not allowed out of the larger stores, and you cannot rent a stroller. We have a very large stroller, which does not fit well into stores.
Soooo...our morning went something like this:

The Bee took off his shoes and a sock on the way there. Upon entering the mall I realize that I put his shoes back on the wrong feet. And The Bug has a big patch of jam on his pants that I missed in the mad dash to get everyone in the car. Looking good so far!

We let the boys explore and wander around a bit, trying to make sure they are all in the same general direction.
We get to the escalator. The Bug and Bee are quite interested. The Bug flops himself on the floor and continues to lie there when I won't let him get on the escalator. A nice older lady asks him if he is cleaning the floor.

We eventually continue our 'walk' with both kids taking turns perfecting their passive-aggressive tactics. And while it is somewhat humorous in recounting, or as one hearing the story later, at the time I was quite tempted to leave the child lying on the floor and just walk away and get myself a muffin.
Instead we head into a store with shopping carts. The kids are actually pretty content to ride around until we discover that we are absolutely not going to get them out of the store. We try anyway. And again. To no avail. We are trapped unless we abandon ship.

We steer the little hooligans (mine) and the much better behaved W to the food court where we manage to scrounge up some high chairs, much to my surprise. Snack time is the usual shenanigan of getting food and drink every which way possible, but relatively successful.
We cut our losses and head home hoping that we've worn them out enough to have a decent afternoon nap. As we ourselves are exhausted.

And of course we always end with the promise to meet again next week. Cuz we're crazy like that...


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh Mrs.'re far too hard on yourself and your lovely little hooligans (not unlike my hooligan).
Today I started to tell you but was sidetracked about recently lamenting to my sister (the wonder parent) about being apologetic and concerned about a recent incident of W's less than stellar behavior in public. She LECTURED me! The lecture consisted of NEVER being apologetic or embarassed of W's behavior as he is a child & toddler who is learning & growing and that NOBODY CARES if he isn't perfectly behaved and most are thinking "Oh I'm not the only one who goes through that!"
Your boys are wonderful and I am often telling my favorite husband that your little fellas listen so well & how can I get W to do the same?
We had fun today all things considered....Chinook Mall sucks. It is not a family place and we'll continue our search for the perfect public play date area that includes safety, fun and no running for the Belly Momma's!

Alyson said...

I was devistated when shopping carts were no longer permitted in the mall. I have an over active little guy that requires some caging and they did this at Christmas time when you have to go out (at least that is when I noticed it).

Just so you know there is a park at au claire in the food court and the rent really cool strollers that tweedle E keeps asking me to get. Also because its a destination mall hardly anyone is there. Unfortunately parking is expensive unless you wait until after 5:00pm but by then everyone is tired and it would be foolish to attempt a play date at that time. Other than that I think its pretty cool. South Center also rents strollers (at least they used too) but they are not as cool.

Alyson said...

Lets Play has a fenced in Play park for kids 3 and under. They have food there and because your tigers are young its pretty cheep admission wise and next week Catholic spring break will be over so less kids.

Thankfully the weather is getting better and some outdoor fun might be had.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Oh I miss being in Calgary. If you guys sign up for Gymboree play times (maybe sometime when the Daddy's can take them) then they also have some free (well the classes are pretty expensive but good quality I found) play time a couple of times a week. The space is contained and they change the configuration of the climbing toys every two weeks which keeps it pretty interesting.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Two Mittens said...

Thanks for your support girlfriends!

Darcy Schack said...

Kids will be kids... I am always kind of embarrassed when my little munchkins launch themselves on the floor and convulse as they throw a tantrum. I want to do that sometimes though! I smile now when I see parents who are having problems with their kids. I don't smile mockingly or out of spite. I smile knowingly.