Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby Girl

So...Going on the premise that we are having a girl, we still have no name. Nothing. CH and I like totally different kinds of names. And his favorite name in the whole world, is not one I would pick. He likes older, girly names. I like newer, more unique, less girly names. Names that have not been on the top 10 list since the bible. And I realize it's a fine line between 'unique' and just looking like you're trying too hard. Or just lame. I like names without preconcieved notions. At least my own. I'm not looking for wierd, just not 14 other girls you know with the same name.
With the boys, I would just go through books and lists and make my own list of names that I liked, or didn't mind, or just didn't hate, and then show them to CH. Then he would dislike 98% if them and I would keep looking. We managed to find two that we both liked. It seems even more difficult this time.

In my search for the 'perfect' name I came across this site. And while there are still too many Tiffanys and Amandas for my liking (no offence if that's your name, but does there really need to be any more?? Like Jennifer. That name should be officially declared 'used to death'. Again, no offense Jennifers) I was pretty impressed with the wide range of 'one of' names.
Many of these names may be cultural or heritage references like Vaanika or Trail-Dancer which I can totally respect, but some people are just bad spellers as in Trinaty or Sumr. And some are just wildly 'creative' like Rutendo, Jetlyn, Ekman or Frankie-May. I think my favorites are the overly sentimental/your daughter will be a stripper names like Precious(3 in 2006), Treasure, Mystique, and Honey(4 in 2006). warms my heart!


vanishingword said...

Can I suggest Ulla (yule-ah), Tusa, Apple blossom, Roxanne, Serena, Chela, Gretchen, Sophia or Diamond?
All interesting to me. Lets start a post called "name my baby!" (will wait for permission)You are entirely too lucky to get to name a girl...

lebbercherrie said...

Or one can take his inspiration from artists, and name his baby girl "Moon-unit"

vanishingword said...

The last name Zappa is bad enough but Moon unit... poor child. What about naming her after the river Natchez?

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol...oh I can relate! Go Pat. It's Pat.
I remember finding the name Verity (& acutally liking it at the time) thinking B would love it & he didn't...which is ok. Oh, Havanna was an option too, but we don't love it anymore.
Is there a city or place you visited on your SE Asia trip that would work?
How about Star?

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Or Baby..."No one puts Baby in a corner" Name that movie.

Two Mittens said...

Dirty Dancing, of course.

You gals are a riot!

OK, I will do a post on baby name suggestions...!
I like Ulla already.

Alyson said...

I saw this name on TV yesterday. How about Essence?

vanishingword said...

how about ginger, cinnabar, medley or clover?