Thursday, November 30, 2006

Only 25 More Sleeps

For many of the recent childless adult years in my life, Christmas had lost some of its lustre. I think as an adult you reach a point where you question what it is all about. Is it worth the fuss? Is it just needless expense and stress? Is it even fun? I feared I was starting to sound/feel grinchy.

CH and I spent our first Christmas together travelling, and we were in Bali for most of the month of December. It was a welcome relief to be away from the hustle and bustle of North America, and the pressure to participate in numerous family gatherings, etc. Being in the tropics didn't hurt, but I enjoyed the newness of being in a different culture, and a break from tradition. We enjoyed ourselves in the company of new friends, food and festivities, as well as the quiet of just being there together.

However. I now find myself with a renewed sense of anticipation and enjoyment with the upcoming holiday season. I'm so excited!
It starts, of course with the impending family you are about to have, and grows from there. Last year was fun, but this year can only be more fun. The boys are more aware and more active. They still don't really understand, but they like lights and snow and cookies and music. I'm excited for them. And I'm also just happy to enjoy the lights and the music and the snow...and the cookies! We put up our tree on the weekend, and while we don't have many decorations yet, it makes me happy to see the glow of the lights every day. I guess, like the Grinch my heart has grown 3 sizes.
For that I thank my little Bug and my Bee!




Peace Sweet Peas said...

Metoo! I love your pictures from Christmasses past. It is going to be so much fun this year. Yum cookies!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Ilove the pictures of progression....too fun! Your house will be so fun with two little boys to shred paper and hide in boxes on Christmas morning.
Aren't Christmas lights the best?!

Anonymous said...

Christmas with Children is what life is all about!