Saturday, November 18, 2006

Celebrity Sighting

Ok, I use the term 'celebrity' loosely here.
I dragged myself off to the brand-newly opened Co-Op this morning to buy milk and diapers. I say dragged not at an exaggeration, but that is exactly how I felt. I did manage to shower, but my hair was just wet and drippy, and only the bare essentials of cover-up on my face. Not even lip gloss to make my pasty lips look hydrated.
As I was about 2 items over the express check out, I made way for the regular line up, because I am afraid of confrontation and did not want an ugly scene from any snapper cashiers. I've heard of such things. I'd rather wait nauseously in the regular line while someone elses kid screams and I pray that at least there is enough staff to bag our groceries today for a quick getaway.

As I look ahead of me I saw Suzanne Fox in line with her husband. You may not have ever heard of her, but I see her every morning on Breakfast Television. Local, for sure. Celebrity, matter of opinion.
At that moment, I gave a small sigh of relief for my totally non-celebrity status. No one cared whether my hair was done, or tried to get a look at what groceries I was buying. Or was paying attention to how nice I was to the cashier. Not that I was doing any of those things.
Although she did look pretty. And she was nice. And she was buying bulk toilet paper.

p.s. I thought she would be a lot taller in person. Tara and Dave must be midgets.


Darcy Schack said...

That is hilarious! Noticing that she is buying bulk toilet paper. I wonder how many people watch what celebrities buy. I bet Brad Pitt can't walk into a store and buy something without it hitting the National Enquirer. It is amazing how distorted people look on television. I mean look at Frodo from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy... Who knew he wasen't really 2 1/2 feet tall. :)

YoJo said...

I spoke to her a couple of times when I was volunteering there and she was pretty nice. Dry sense of humour. I hope you're all feeling better soon. Being sick sucks big time.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So funny! How thoughtful of you to not surpass your limit in the express line...I've pushed it before with a busy boy in my arms and got the LOOK! Oh well!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

oh how i sympathize. how horrid to be sick. Mothering is truly a job where you are always on call and sick days don't exist. Wouldn't it be lovely if one morning you could just turn over in bed, call in sick and lie there all day. Maybe about 11 get up and have a shower and grab a nice hot cup of(herbal) tea, some snacks, a few magazines and rest in bed nibbling and reading and slipping off to sleep whenever your eyelids got heavy. And all without any interuptions and no sbackground noise either of crying or screaming. And then about supper time the lovely husband could bring you some soup on a tray and the darling children fed and bathed and dressed for bed could come and visit and you could all hang around on the bed for a while until the babies were taken away to peacefully sleep the night away and you could wander around your house in your bathrobe nad slippers and end up on the couch with a great movie on the dvd and your adobralbe husband to hold your hand and smooth your hair and fuss over your every wish.